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Miner Detours in Reality: A Speculative Fiction Anthology

This anthology (working title "Miner Detours in Reality") will present a miner's dozen or more fresh stories that showcases regional locations and talent. PGWI is focused on family-friendly (more on this...) writing that entertains, excites and entices the readers to want more.

Open call for submission:

DATES: Submit between 2/1/18 and  2/28/18

GENRE: Speculative Fiction more about Speculative Fiction here

REQUIREMENTS: Our anthologies always follow a theme or common thread. This time:

  • Location must be set in the eastern California Sierra foothills -- aka "Gold Country" -- in the past, present or future.
  • Use the word/concept of "gold" as some minor or major plot point.
    ►Note: "gold" does not have to refer to the precious metal!
  • Be written in one of the "Speculative Fiction" genres.

WORD COUNT: 2000 - 8000 words

ROYALTY: $20 - $30 sliding scale

FEES: There is no submission or reading fees

► If you are unable to use the form on the right, please e-mail us to request the full specifications:


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