Through Button Eyes: A Collection of Short Fiction

Through Button Eyes finalist in INDIE Book AwardsThis book is the marriage of seven unequivocally different writers, each with their own style and supurb writing skills - collaborating to share their love of creative writing. That love of imaginative script is clearly apparent in the fifteen widely assorted and amazing short stories that all uniquely share one commonality... buttons. Members of Placer Gold Writers group wrote all the stories contained in this book.

The final production was curated by co-editors Patrick Witz and David Loofbourrow with Julie Byers providing copy-editing.

See the list of stories, blurbs and story samples here.

The Journey of Button Eyes

During one warm summer meeting in 2015, the group was exploring options of what to write about in one of their writing challenge workshops. One member early on in the meeting shared a personal development in his life, whereas he inherited a collection of over ten thousand buttons. He shared his surprise that many of the buttons had large monetary values and that there were many collectors negotiating and exchanging buttons at “Button Shows” and on the internet. None of us knew there was a worldwide all-encompassing Button Market! The wine was flowing and the group laughingly suggested we all base our writing challenge on a short story around the diminutive, seemingly innocuous, common threads of a… button

Each group member took the challenge seriously and embarked on creating a unique collection of assorted short stories and poems involving in some fashion a button or buttons. A small number of members opted to offer analysis, editing skills, and supportive feedback to the writers and the project overall, verses putting pen to paper. Astonishingly, our writing group members created an array of eclectic short stories that fit into numerous genres. Undoubtedly, these stories will assuredly give book-lovers a unique roller-coaster of emotions experience – excitement, fear, laughter, tears – as they revel in reading one marvelous short story after another.

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