About Speculative Fiction

To assist authors with determining eligible stories, PGWI found Wikipedia’s description of Speculative Fiction to be succinct.

“Speculative fiction is an umbrella genre encompassing narrative fiction with supernatural or futuristic elements. This includes the genres science fiction, fantasy, horror and supernatural fiction, as well as their combinations.”

PGWI encourages the creative use and blending of genres. Action/adventure, romance, mystery, etc. are all good in this project so long as your story includes some element(s) of speculative fiction:





Includes elements and beings from human cultural imagination, such as mythical creatures (dragons and fairies, for example), magic and magical elements, sorcery, witchcraft, etc.

The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter

Science fiction

Features technologies that do not exist in real life (but may be supposed to do in the future), including time travel, interstellar travel, flying cars and also beings and societies from other planets (aliens).

Editor's note:  in this genre we would add: Technopunk, Steampunk, and Urbanpunk fiction.

Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Star Wars

Jules Verne


Somewhat similar to fantasy, but focusing on terrifying, evil and often powerful beings, such as monsters and ghosts. Also aims to transmit actual fear and confusion to the reader/watcher.

A Nightmare on Elm Street, Case 39


Takes place in a highly desirable society, often presented as advanced, happy, intelligent or even perfect or problem-free.

Island, Ecotopia, 17776


Takes place in a highly undesirable society, often plagued with strict control, violence, chaos, brainwashing and other negative elements.

1984, Brave New World


Focusing on historical events as if they happened in a different way, and their implications on the present.

Editor's note:  in this genre we would add: Modern or Ancient Myths, Gods and Angels, Tall Tales, and Folk Tales.

The Man In The High Castle, Fatherland, The Tales of Alvin Maker

American Gods


Takes place before and during a massive, worldwide disaster.

The Day After Tomorrow, 2012


Focuses on groups of survivors after a massive, typically worldwide disaster.

Waterworld, Metro 2033, The Stand, Fallout, Mad Max


Centers on superheroes (i.e. heroes with extraordinary abilities or powers) and their fight against evil forces such as supervillains. Typically incorporates elements of science fiction and/or fantasy, and may be a subgenre of them.

Editor's note:  in this genre we would add: Paranormal, Psychic Phenomenon and ordinary people with exceptional or supernatural abilities.

Spider-Man, Avengers, Batman

Source: www.Wikipedia.com

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